Overcoming Fear of OBE: Practical Tips you Need to Know

The first thing you can do to overcome fear of non-physical dimensions is to learn how to work with your energies.

You will feel a lot more confident when you get to the point where you can move your own energies at will, and perceive them clearly.

How to Get Over Fear of Astral Projection

In this article we will look at:

– Working with your energy body
– Clairvoyance as a great stepping stone
– Your approach to non-physical phenomena
– Your intentions: cosmoethics

How to not fear astral projection then?

Read on and find out about each one of these.


Work with Your Energy Body

Learning how to work with your energy body is like learning how to express yourself in other dimensions. This will make you a lot more comfortable with the psychic development process. When it comes to overcoming fear of OBE, taking one step at a time can be of great help. You can start with the VELO exercise, described in one of our articles, and work your way through more complex exercises.

If you are close to one of the IAC offices I would definitely recommend the bioenergy workout – it’s a three hour class that is focused on energy work.

You can work with phenomena that require a relatively “shallow” level of relaxation, where it might be easier for some to feel more in control of the experience.


Clairvoyance can be a great stepping stone in that regard, as seeing the aura and the energies around a person, plant, or animal does not require a deep relaxation state or a long preparation time. With more accumulated controlled experiences you will be more confident in your own psychic capacity.

The type of information that you get in contact with can make a difference. In an example on the “extreme” side of the scale, it will be hard to overcome fear if you watch horror movies.

The Fear of Non-Physical Phenomena

More towards the middle of the scale, if you have a more fearful approach to non-physical phenomena, reading fear-inducing accounts and books will not help. We are in the communication age and there are many voices saying many things.

The message that we hear at times are similar to messages from the middle ages, stating that psychic abilities are dangerous and that you should stay away from them. Some present a veil of mystery or secret societies, both unnecessary in the modern age we live in.

Intention & Cosmoethics

If your intention is to learn and grow, to help when possible, to be cosmoethical, and you have developed your energy ability to the point you can reach a vibrational state, there is nothing to fear.

Self-knowledge can also be a great vaccine for a greater confidence when seeing spirits or having an out-of-body experience. The more you understand yourself as a consciousness – as opposed to a physical human being – the more comfortable you will be with other dimensions.

The consciousness does not die and is in constant evolution. Understanding this in practice can “de-dramatise” the psychic perceptions. One way of expanding self-knowledge is to identify your strong traits and weak traits. Strong traits are characteristics that help you grow and contribute for productive interactions with others. The weak traits are the flip side of the coin, and tend to make evolution harder, lead to suffering, and tend to create problems while relating to others.

In summary, learn how to work with your energy body, take a gradual approach on your psychic development, stop seeing negative movies if you do, and finally, look for positive, objective accounts of psychic perceptions.

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