Unblocking Chakras: Two Techniques, One Strategy

A multitude of information is available about chakras, in all sorts of approaches, from the more mystical to the more technical, produced by gurus or validated by a wider group of experimenters. While lots of those approaches can present dissimilar and sometimes conflicting information, there is one theme that is mentioned by virtually every line of knowledge that talks about the energy body: chakras can present blockages.

How to unblock your chakrasChakras are centers of energies in our energy body. The energy body, or energosoma, is a non-physical vehicle that connects our physical body (called soma) to the astral body (called psychosoma). Chakras can be compared to organs in our soma, and they have specific functions and characteristics.

We can say that chakras are non-physical organs of our energosoma, much like our lungs, liver, and skin are organs of our physical body. You might also be interested in reading our article What are Chakras and How do they Work.

Unblocking chakras is important for keeping a healthy energy body. Since our energosoma is an important component to maintain the vitality of our physical body, we want to make sure that it is always functioning well.

When the energy does not flow through one of our chakras, we say: “it’s blocked”. The blockage can make it harder for the person to exchange energy through that energy center, or for the energy to move through that point in the energy body, or for the person to feel that particular chakra.

The reasons why a chakra ends up blocked can be many and the cause of the blockage can vary from one person to the next. One person may have the laryngo chakra blocked because of a personality trait, being shy for example; another may have the same chakra blocked because of energetic pressure coming from coworkers during a presentation.

Chakras can be blocked for a short period of time, measured in minutes, or for much longer such as years, or even a whole lifetime. In some cases a specific behavior that was “learned” can cause a blockage, as it is the case when a person becomes more anxious due to life conditions and ends up with the umbilical chakra blocked.

Physical intoxication can also cause blockages. A person that smokes can create a blockage in the heart chakra – not to mention the problems created in the physical body. The constant contamination produced by the components of cigarette smoke in the lungs could be reflected in the energosoma, causing the energies to stop flowing naturally.

Chakras can be also blocked by “lack of use”, as it is the case of a cardio chakra being blocked due to the infrequent exchange of healthy affective energies. Several forms of repression can also cause chakral blockage, for example, someone who adopts a rigid belief system and requires constant energy to be applied in order to minimize questioning, could have the crown chakra blocked.

A blocked chakra can make it harder for you to develop your psychic (or parapsychic) ability. The more unblocked your chakras are, the easier it will be for you to develop clairvoyance or to have lucid projections (out-of-body experiences) at will.

How to Unblock Chakras

Learning how to work with your own energy is the best investment you can make to unblock your chakras. To do so, three skills are needed: (1) learn to make the energy movement at will, (2) develop capacity to detect when the energy flows through your energosoma and when it does not, and (3) gain skill to focus your attention and push the energies through the blocked areas until they are unblocked.

Your energy can be moved at will. There is no need for imagination, visualization or rituals. The energy follows the focal point of your attention. One exercise that might help you to understand this is the following. Place your hands in front of you and close your eyes. Now focus all your attention on your left hand. Focus with all your will power, with confidence, on that hand. After a minute or two, you will feel a difference in sensation between the left and right hands. The difference is that the left hand has more energy accumulated in it. You can use the same principle to accumulate and move energies throughout the energosoma.

Moving your own energies inside your body will help you to identify areas where you cease to perceive the flow of energies, where you have a less clear perception of those energies, or where your flow of energies seems to have gaps or flows around.

Those areas are usually the blocked areas of your energosoma.

Chakra Unblocking Technique 1: Voluntary Movement of Energies

In energosomatics (a subdiscipline of conscientiology), the exercise that will help you to identify and remove blockages is a movement of oscillating energies, lengthwise (or longitudinal), from your head to your feet. The energies are moved by your will power. The name of this exercise is “Voluntary Energetic Longitudinal Oscillation”, with the acronym VELO.

Moving the energies throughout the energy body will help you to identify the blocked areas. Having those areas identified, the next step for chakra unblocking would be to focus on pushing your energies through those areas, until you activate and unblock them. This exercise can be developed more easily if you relax your physical body, thus a comfortable position in a recliner or on a bed will be helpful.

Chakra Unblocking Technique 2: Energy Breathing

Energy breathing consists of exteriorizing and absorbing energies through the chakra or area where you detected the blockage. This is similar to breathing, except that instead of air coming in and out of your lungs, you will have energies coming in and out of your chakras.

It is helpful if you do this exercise in a park, forest, near a river or the ocean, as you will have more immanent energies to draw from. The energies from the nature are very effective in the process of unblocking chakras, and the energy breathing technique helps to amplify this effect.

Chakra Unblocking Strategy: Self-knowledge

Identifying the source of the blockage and working on the route cause may be the most durable strategy to keep your chakras unblocked. It can be used in conjunction with other exercises to get short-term benefits while you work on changing what has to be changed to prevent the blockage from coming back.

The first step in this process is to identify what is causing the blockage in the first place. Is it a trait of personality? Is there a time of the day when that particular chakra gets more blocked? Does the chakra get blocked while you interact with a specific person? Is there a toxin that is provoking this particular blockage?

Sometimes an improvement in physical health can reactivate a chakra and unblock it. Sedentary persons that have their umbilical chakra blocked may experience a reactivation of this chakra after adopting an exercise routine adequate to their soma, even if a mild one.

Correlations of blockage-cause are not necessarily clear-cut, however studying the level of balance – or imbalance – of our energetic system can give us clues that may lead to a better understanding of ourselves.  We can also learn how we interact with the world around us, in physical and non-physical dimensions.


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