Vibrational State and Energy Resonance: A Practical and Theoretical Guide to Mastering and Understanding the Human Energy Body

Vibrational State book

VIBRATIONAL STATE AND ENERGY RESONANCE: Self-tuning to a Higher Level of Consciousness

The Vibrational State (VS) is considered to be essential for keeping our energy system (all our chakras) balanced. It also helps with psychic self-defence, and to acquire multidimensional lucidity.

Nanci Trivellato presents a clear understanding of the energy body (all our chakras), its functions, and its vibratory levels. Special attention is given to the role of the VS and one’s energy field as a catalyst for the evolution of the consciousness

This original work provides the reader with a comprehensive understanding of the Vibrational State and all its known characteristics, benefits and effects.

A key part of the book is the practical element, explaining in great detail the most effective technique to achieve the Vibrational State at will.

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