Video Discussion followed by a Q&A session with special guest, Tim Coleman – writer, producer and director of The Afterlife Investigations

Come and join us to watch this compelling documentary on life after death and meet Tim Coleman, the film’s writer, producer and director, in person. Narrated by Donal MacIntyre, one of Britain’s leading investigative journalists, this award-winning film presents four, never-before-seen, scientific investigations into life after death.

After Life


The Scole Experiment

One of these is the Scole Experiment, for which Montague Keen was the leading investigator, on behalf of the Society for Psychical Research. Scole was a ground-breaking event in the history of paranormal research. For five years a group of mediums and scientists witnessed more phenomena than in any other experiment in the history of the paranormal, including recorded conversations with the dead, written messages on sealed film, video footage of the faces of nonphysical individuals and the materialization of nonphysical individuals.

Italy’s most famous medium

Can the dead speak to the living via electronic devices such as radios and tape recorders? Scientists investigating Italy’s most famous medium, Marcello Bacci, think so. In front of Tim’s cameras, grieving parents weep as they hear the voices of their deceased children emerge from Marcello’s radio.

The Electronic Voice Phenomenon

Tim and his team investigate a woman who says she can record the voice of her son, twenty years after his death. They challenge a former NASA scientist to duplicate this claim in a laboratory. Did he succeed?

Allison Dubois, famed psychic and the inspiration for the hit TV show, Medium, is put to the test. As Tim’s cameras roll, can she contact a leading researcher who tragically died during the production of this film?

These experiments provide a unique and powerful insight into life after death.

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