What are Auras Around People? Understanding the Topic Once and For All

Illustration of girl with energy field a round her

Have you ever seen a light glow around someone, extending from about three centimetres (one inch) to about half a metre (one yard)? This type of perception can be related to a non-physical field of energies we have around us, popularly known as “aura”.

Perceiving energies and auras is a type of Clairvoyance, a psychic perception that gives you visual access to non-physical dimensions.

But what are auras around people?

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What is the Aura of a Person

The aura is a non-physical field of energies around a person, visible through clairvoyance. It is produced by the energy body (energosoma, or subtle body) of the person we are observing.

It is also possible to see the energy body directly with clairvoyance. This body is often perceived as a luminous contour of about three centimetres (around an inch) around the person. This contour is usually very vivid, looking “alive”, and can be perceived as bright white, with a “milkish” colour, or leaning towards silver. This first layer is not the aura yet, it is the energy that produces the aura.

The aura starts where the energosoma ends. The size of the aura can vary from person to person and from one day to the next for the same person. Auras are part of our manifestation as a consciousness and change shape and colour as we think, have emotions, and as we interact with other individuals.

When you are talking to a friend, the natural affinity of ideas can cause those auras to temporarily connect making communication easier as the energies becomes a stronger component on that conversation. This kind of connection, known as “auric coupling” or “energetic coupling” can be seen through clairvoyance.

To understand the difference between our energy body and the aura, we can compare it to a magnet. In this analogy, the magnet is the energy body and the magnetic field is the aura. What would pull a metallic coin towards the magnet is the field. The magnet is what generates this field.

What does the Aura Look Like

The aura is normally perceived as an oval-shaped area around a person. This area can be slightly brighter, or show a more glossy “finish”, as if “the air had been polished” in that area. Sometimes vibrations or textures can be perceived as well. Colours are common perceptions although some may see white brightness only. This first area of observation is usually quite static.

A second area of observation starts from about half a metre and goes to one or many metres. This outer area tends to show more movement and can give us clues about whether or not that person is connected to other consciousnesses (or entities, physical or non-physical).

One of the hardest things is to make a drawing of an aura. Traditional diagrams with representations of what can be perceived rarely capture the full extent of perceptions that are possible.

Clairvoyance is a very rich phenomenon and the more you develop it the more you will be able to identify nuances, shapes, and colours. Soon enough you will realise that some perceptions are very hard to describe and compare with physical perceptions.

What Does it Mean when You See Auras

Seeing auras means that you are exercising a psychic ability, in this case, clairvoyance. It also means that you are able to perceive something beyond the physical senses (taste, smell, physical sight) and that you are able to access the visual perception of the astral body (psychosoma).

It could also mean that you have achieved a condition of slight misalignment of the physical body, usually through relaxation, that made it easier for you to identify the extraphysical visual input.

In any case, if you can see auras around people this means that you are not repressing your psychic abilities. Those abilities are natural and can help you get a better understanding of what is happening around you in other dimensions.

Although psychic abilities can be triggered in moments of stress, tiredness, or when we feel under pressure, the typical trigger of clairvoyance is relaxation and self-confidence.

Auras and Psychic Abilities

Auras around people are the manifestation of the non-physical energy (chi, prana) of their energy body. Auras can change colours with thoughts and sentiments of the person observed.

Understanding and developing your clairvoyance can be a great start in developing your psychic ability and applying it towards self-knowledge, helping others, and personal growth.


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