What are Chakras and How do they Work?

What are chakras and how do they work?

Psychedelic Chakras

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The word charkra is an ancient term referring to the spinning vortexes of our body’s natural energy system. The word chakra actually means ‘wheel’ in Sanskrit. Visually, the chakra resembles a cone which is pointing towards the body. The energy from a chakra is being radiated through an expanding spiral.

There are seven primary chakras and hundreds, if not thousands, of smaller ones, each linked to a specific part of the human body. The chakras work as conductors of energy and each one has a unique frequency. The base chakra has the lowest frequency and the crown chakra has the highest frequency.

When all seven primary chakras are balanced (i.e. open and spinning), energy flows freely through the body and helps us to function on a physical, emotional and mental level.

What is a blocked or unbalanced chakra?

A chakra is unbalanced either when the energy is either going through it too fast or too slowly. The energy can even have stopped flowing through it altogether.

Learning how to be aware of each chakra, its location and its function can help to open, balance and energise each chakra and thereby help each of them to function well.

What can cause a chakra to dysfunction?

When the physical body is exposed to for example stress or depression, the chakras will react and create an imbalance. In fact, many imbalances are a result of different types of emotional stress.

How do I know if a chakra is blocked?

Some people promote different kinds of gadgets and tools to identify imbalances in chakras, however it is generally not recommended to create a dependency on instruments of any kind to diagnose chakras or anything else relating to bioenergies. It should be everyone’s goal is to improve his or her own perception of energies so the diagnose can be performed independently of gadgets or devices.

Where are the main 7 chakras situated?

1 – The root chakra is located at the tailbone, pointing down
2 – The sacral chakra can be found about 8cm (3 inches) below the naval.
3 – The solar plexus is positioned in the upper stomach about 10cm (4 inches) below the tip of the breastbone
4 – The heart chakra is found in the middle of the chest area in line with the actual heart.
5 – The throat chakra is situated in the throat just over the voicebox.
6 – The Third Eye is in the middle of the forehead at a point between the eyes, in line with bridge of the nose
7 – The Crown Chakra is located at the top of the head, pointing upwards

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