What are the Sensations of Astral Projection? The Vibrations

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  1. Sherelyn Russell says:

    I need some help, I had a out of body experience the other day. Different from any other one, I’ve ever had before, but I didn’t choose for this to happen I was a sleep and then boom it happened. It’s always happened since I was a child, but this time round felt weird different. I was watching myself I saw the cord attaching me to my spirit. But after a while something felt wrong like I’d gone to far, I found my way back but all sudden the was something watching me square in the eyes it went dark. But I started to call my partner Tony for him to bring me back, it started to work. But on my way back I felt ice cold water being sprayed into my face like it was being sprayed out of a spaying water bottle and I could hear it as well. What was it very interested to find out. Thanks

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