What is Astral Projection and How Can you Experience it?

What Exactly is Astral Projection?

Astral projection – also known as the Out-of-Body Experience or OBE for short – is a phenomenon where the consciousness (while directly manifesting in the subtle body also known as the astral body or psychosoma) exteriorises from the physical body remaining connected to the physical body by what is commonly referred to as the silver cord. This is a very simple and basic Out-of-Body Experience definition.

Symptoms and sensations often accompany an astral projection, particularly at the point of separation or disconnection, where some people have reported various phenomena including but not limited to vibrations, sounds of voices nearby, sleep-paralysis and a ‘buzzing’ sound in the head. All of these or a combination of them or even none of these phenomenon may occur. Everyone is unique.


Types of Astral Projection

There are different types of astral projection, varying in quality depending on the level of lucidity and energetic control a person experiences. For an explanation of Out-of-Body Experience types, please see below:


1. Spontaneous projections or Out-of-Body Experiences

These are unplanned projections, often outside of the control of the person in question.

These types of experiences happen when a person has a predisposition for a certain degree of bioenergetic (chi, prana) ‘looseness’. In other words, that their ‘energetic system’ (which is like the glue between their astral body and their physical body) is more like water and less like glue.

In these types of projections, a person may simply be having a nap, or fall asleep at night, and while their body is sleeping, wake up to find themselves outside of their body, in their astral body or psychosoma, at times, even seeing their physical body sleeping.

2. Forced projections or Out-of-Body Experiences

These sudden exits from the physical body can be caused by either a sudden shock or trauma to the body such as a vehicle crashing or some type of traumatic occurrence.

Various accounts from individuals have included them suddenly finding themselves lucidly watching their still physical body from outside. In these instances, the astral body quite literally pops out of the physical and can be quite a surprise to the individual.

3. Unconscious projections

Have you ever had a sinking feeling followed by being woken up with a jolt?

Chances are you have just reconnected with your physical body after a separation or disconnection. Most people separate at least some inches from the physical body every night when they go to sleep.

Usually, the subtle or astral body, hovers just above the physical one, remaining attached or connected to the body via the silver cord. This natural process allows us to recharge our astral body (our emotional vehicle – psychosoma) with the subtle energy it requires.

4. Semi-lucid projections

A semi-lucid projection may leave you with mnemonic remnants of the experience. During the experience itself you may intersperse between projecting and dreaming and never really reach full lucidity and awareness.

In a semi-lucid projection you may also lapse into a blackout or experience brief moments of lucidity during the experience followed by unrecalled, un-lucid or semi-lucid periods.

5. Fully lucid or conscious projections

This is where a person is fully conscious and is the most productive kind of astral projection as the person is in control of their thoughts and energies and can make the most of the projective experience.

A fully lucid projection may or may not include a conscious take off from the physical body however once projected the individual will be fully conscious with the heightened sensations and abilities of the subtle body (astral body or psychosoma).


Astral Projection: How can you Experience it?

Anyone can learn how to master the Out-of-Body experience, however, those starting to attempt astral projectionwill have varying levels of natural ability, and there are a range of factors that can aid or inhibit a projection from happening.

There are many techniques available focusing on different strengths. For instance some techniques rely on creativity and visualisation whereas others are more methodical. The best way to succeed is to persevere and find an Out-of-Body technique that works for you.

A good starting point to learning how to induce an Out-of-Body experience is to read as much as you can on the topic including techniques, benefits, common sensations and optimizations. This will immerse your mind in the idea of projection and saturate your thoughts and energies.

Next, draw up a list of techniques that you think might suit you. Apply a single technique daily either when you go to sleep or at a time during the day if you prefer. You should try each technique for at least 14 attempts (although more or less will work for different people) before moving onto another technique.

It is helpful to keep an organized diary of your experiences and take note of all sensations or experiences that might arise. This will help you work out which techniques are working best for you.

Good luck!

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