Understanding Well What is Meant by Intentionality of Consciousness

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When we ask ‘what is meant by intentionality of consciousness’, what exactly are we trying to say?

To start answering this question, we need first to answer what is Consciousness and what is Intentionality.

Consciousness and Intentionality

In Conscientiology, Consciousness is the intelligent principle that organizes all intellectual, emotional, energetic, and actual experience. Each one of us is a Consciousness, and as such synonyms include ego, soul, and self.

Intention – To discuss Intentionality is to discuss Intention.

Quality of intention – This subject goes far beyond having a good or bad intention, or we may ask ourselves what is to have a good or bad intention? A good level of intentionality is intrinsically linked with one’s steady level of authenticity, cosmoethics, and consciential maturity, as opposed to having a self-centred, immature behaviour/performance, starting by not being able to be authentic with oneself.

Can we already think/feel/act always under the basic premise: “May the best happen to all multidimensional consciousnesses involved”? Or do we still follow the: “may the best happen to me because I am right (and to my family, my friends, my community, my city, my country, my planet)” approach?

Intentionality of Consciousness Example Questions

We may wish to ask ourselves today: what lies behind our most persistent behaviours (thoughts/feelings/actions)?

And individually: What is it in me that I still feel the need to feed, protect, pet, without realising that with this posture I am actually obscuring, obstructing myself? Why this posture is actually not helping me, but is instead hindering me, preventing me not only from becoming my better self, but also from going beyond and truly evolving and becoming a healthier consciousness?

And also: Who is doing this obstruction, this hindering? Who is making me sound like a broken record? Is it really me, just me? Am I self-sabotaging myself? Or could it be that this is some ‘invisible’, non-physical company? What or who is it that I am afraid of?

Understanding Other Terms

Authenticity – To be genuine is to be transparent as regards one’s intentions, to have no hidden agendas, to act (think/feel) in coherence with what we have already learned, and present an increasingly more balanced level of consciential maturity, which gradually does away with errors of judgement and understanding, and no longer needed ego defence mechanisms. No more petting, no more mimicry, just clarity and lucidity.

One’s level of authenticity reflects one’s level of homeostasis or one’s level of consciential pathology. The lack of awareness of one’s own sensations, emotions, and/or intentionality inevitably leads to self-corruption, self-intrusion, and lack of self-criticism. The opposite naturally leads to more balanced relationships.

Assistance – The level of one’s consciential pathology or the level of one’s consciential health can, for instance, be gauged through the analysis and study of one’s more persistent thoughts/feelings. How often do I feel a victim? How often do I feel intruded upon? Or rather how often do I feel serene and blissful, because I am in the flow and partaking of assistantial team work with helpers more evolved than me?

In a natural progression, the assisted gradually becomes the co-assistant. We can make a move and start doing it, learning how to assist others, awake or projected, in this dimension or in any other where help is needed – shoulder in shoulder with those technicians of assistance we at the IAC call Helpers.

Discernment – Cleaner, clearer thoughts/feelings based on a healthy intentionality are naturally proof of discernment and evolutionary intelligence.

Exemplarity – How often can my actions (thoughts/feelings) constitute a good example to others (physical and non physical consciousnesses)?

The North Star – A good healthy intentionality is the North Star of consciential evolution, our evolution. And we can gauge it daily by:

1. keeping in check final intentions
2. attention to the fact that ends never justify means
3. examplarity
4. level of multidimensional assistantiality

What is the impact and resonance of our acts?

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