What is the Best Music for Out of Body Experience?

The best music for OBE

A lot of people trying to produce lucid out-of-body experiences ask if music can help. Asking what the best music for out of body experience is makes sense: music has been used for ages as a relaxation and focusing tool. However, a case can be made for “no music”, where silence would be your best companion in an OBE attempt.

Since music is a physical stimulus, listening to it means a constant input from one of your physical senses. While music could help you in the initial relaxation, it could also be a constant pull bringing your attention to the physical dimension and as a consequence making your astral body (psychosoma) take off harder. You could work around it by having some sort of timer that would stop the music after a certain number of minutes, but you would have to guess the speed of your relaxation.

Music as a Psychological Crutch

While an OBE soundtrack can help people relax and potentially produce an OBE, it is one example of a psychological “crutch”. As the metaphor goes, if you break your leg, crutches are there to help your ability to move during the healing process. No one wants to use a crutch when it is not needed:  you would be carrying an object that is cumbersome and unnecessary. The same logic applies to psychological “crutches” but for different reasons.

Part of this reasoning is practical: what if you leave your music behind while on a trip to another city, and when you get there you feel that the city you are visiting is perfect for extraphysical exploration? You want to get out of the body, but you depend on the music that you do not have.

The main reason to avoid “crutches” though is a more complex one. When it comes to psychic development, self-confidence is one of the most important things. When you use a crutch, you are transferring part of the responsibility of producing the phenomenon to the crutch – in this case, the music. This can undermine your self-confidence at the unconscious level, especially when you are using a crutch that you do not need.

Music and Pattern of Energies During an OBE Attempt

Every song produces both a thought and a sentiment in us. This, in turn, can change the pattern of energies (chi) around us. Energies are the mechanism to call (evoke) and interact with extraphysical entities. In other words, the music will tend to create a matching extraphysical energy environment. This process is usually unconscious, but it can affect the quality of your out-of-body experience.

When our intentions are good and there is effort toward personal growth, it is natural that non-physical beings may come around to help you have a lucid OBE. An entity (or spirit) that is lucid and clear on how to help you and always 100% ethical is called a helper. Depending on the music you choose for your astral travel experiment, it may “drive” the energy in a direction that is out of sync with what a helper would like to do to facilitate your OBE process. It would be as if music make you move “on rails”, in a specific direction, and you may want to have room to maneuver as the experience develops. You may end up with energies and companions that you did not choose consciously.

Clairaudience and OBE

Clairaudience is one of the ways that helpers communicate with us during an OBE attempt. Helpers can give tips and directions to facilitate the process of getting out of the body. For example, they can tell you to focus on a particular area of your energy body to start the take-off process. Since clairaudience “feels” like listening, music could mask that subtle extraphysical communication. It would be like trying to hear a faint whisper when there is music on.

Music is a physical stimulus and a psychological crutch. It can shape the energy pattern in unwanted ways and make communication with helpers harder.  Having this in mind, you should evaluate if it makes send to use it, and if so, when and where. Don’t believe in anything, have your own experiences.

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