Workshop on Evolutionary Intelligence with author of the book Demystifying the Out-of-Body Experience, Thursday, May 30th 7PM to 10PM

Acknowledged author Luis Minero will address the subject of Evolutionary Intelligence in this 3 hours workshop. Evolutionary Intelligence (EvI) is the ability to use all of personal traits and resources to develop ourselves and those around us.

A person with a developed EvI will be able to find innovative and positive evolutionary solutions to problems that we face in our life. In instances when life presents us with difficult choices, decisions can be taken based on more evolutionary criteria and perspectives, and others on less. The more Evolutionary Intelligence we have, the faster our evolution will be … and, as a consequence, the better our situation will be in the next life.

The main topics that will be covered in this course are:

  • What is intelligence? What is evolution?
  • EvI and our relationships with other individuals
  • How to develop strategies to improve our EvI and grow
  • EvI and assistance
  • EvI and the extraphysical consciousnesses around us
  • Understanding the counter-flow of evolution
  • Developing and using evolutionary criteria to take better decisions


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Evolutionary Intelligence Luis Minero

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